The Panda Fund partners with independent filmmakers and distributors to provide marketing funds that facilitate the distribution process. Through the provision of independent prints and advertising funds, the marketing and distribution process can be unbundled and the best combination of marketing and distribution professionals can be assembled for the benefit of a particular film. One purpose of the Fund is to provide visibility into the distribution expenses and revenue streams to insure that all stakeholders receive a clear accounting and their fair share of film profits.

The Panda Fund supports MPAA rated G, PG, and PG-13 films that are story driven, that showcase acting excellence, and the professional skills of film craftsmen, providing inspirational entertainment for all ages.

The Panda Fund is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee at Film House, a fully capable film production facility available to selected independent film projects. The Panda Fund and Film House are working together on Deadline and Jubilee, executing a business model that encompasses development through full distribution.